About Lyndie Vantine


Lyndie Vantine was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. She has also lived in Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD. She holds a MLA degree from Johns Hopkins University, a MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art, and a BFA from the Philadelphia College of Art. She has exhibited throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, New Mexico, and Massachusetts for the past twenty-five years. She was selected to participate in the Corcoran Art Gallery's ArtSites98 biennial.

"I'm looking for that space between painting and sculpture because the work is both, and I find the tension there challenging. It's definitely a metaphor for how life is these days, but I loathe thinking of it as too autobiographical, especially in such an abstract form."

These are landscapes, not thought of as vistas but as a physical experience of time and place – landscape as a material process that builds and breaks down under our feet and within memories. They can be metaphors for personal "layers" of navigating life experiences, noting and acknowledging the personal and the universal travel through one's life. The work balances among mediums - painting, manufactured materials, natural materials, and constructive sculpture.

Artist Statement

I am constantly aware of the physically undulating landscape and nature around me, a sort of cadence. My work interprets those sensations through creation of 2½-dimensional or 3-dimensional paintings, built with canvas, organic substructure shapes and branches.

There are a number of "series" based on different imagery. The "Shaped" series is about the rhythms of land surface such as the pitched land or plowed furrows in the fields. In the "Tree" series vertical tree trunks lay against horizontal rolls of corn, wheat and soybean fields, spreading into the distant scape. In the newest series, "Southwest," I feel the deep, visual and visceral weight in the cracked towers of read clay buttes and chasm walls. This series also includes small "sketches," ideas for possible larger more intricate work. I circle back to each series from time to time with additional work when something new comes to mind.

In general, all of my work is the interpretation of the kinesthetic sense inherent in the visual/actual organic, shaped and physical elements of nature.