Lyndie Vantine Galleries

Lyndie Vantine Southwest Series

Southwest Series

Two trips to the southwest in 2010 and 2012 had a profound influence on my work. The sense of oneself in relation to the expansive spaces was something I have not experienced growing up and living in the American northeast.

Lyndie Vantine Shaped Paintings Series

Shaped Paintings Series

I moved to north central Maryland in 1995. The area consists of mostly rural farmland and small towns. For me this is a landscape of repetitive patterns. There are, dark and light furrows in a field of the late winter, and a crisscrossing or soft abutment of expansive fields and always some way to combine the 2-dimensional illusion of landscape with the 3-dimensional structure of my shaped canvases.

Lyndie Vantine Trees Series

Tree Series

Most of this work has been inspired by simply looking out my studio window where a vertical stands of trees crosses horizontal ribbons of rolling fields. I've been returning to this subject of our trees and the fields beyond for over 18 years; and I still find new insights to the patterns.

Lyndie Vantine Sculpture Art

Sculpture & Installations

From time to time my 2.5-dimensional efforts just need that extra push to 
3-dimensions. And occasionally the 3-dimensional work blossoms into full installations. While these are not my usual focus, the works have consistently taught me more about seeing and creating.

Lyndie Vantine Exploration Gallery


Occasionally I have the opportunity to be challenged to create different work through projects and collaborations in the community with other artists. Getting out of a comfort zone is like taking a vacation from the job. New ideas, sights and sounds shake up my practice and help to refresh the practice's energy.